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The Products are the Voice Letter and Record and Learn. In my focus to establish the Voice Letter as a mainstream form of communication I have developed this product to work alongside other existing forms of communication, from a different angle and as a result have discovered many other applications of usage.

Voice Letter The Voice Letter is quick and easy to use making it convenient to support the lifestyles of people with pre-literacy issues and disabilities and through research and development conducted, I have found that more than one person can use it at the same time, it is affordable, portable, user friendly as packaging comes with visual and written instructions.

60 seconds re-recordable time, size 15cms x 10cms. £8.99

Record and Learn Record and Learn is used as a learning aid which is truly a huge benefit to a wide range of learners as they can work at their own pace without the presence of their teacher. The teacher can pre-record passages to be learnt or copies by the student especially for languages.

120 seconds re-recordable time, size 15cms x 10cms. £9.99

Voice letter revers Both devices have easy to follow graphics on the reverse as instructions how to use without the need to be read.

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