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My aim is to support individuals within our society, whose first means of communication is not the traditional pen and paper method, the written word. I have a range of products and ideas, but have currently developed two products from my range.

I became aware that there is a hidden society within ours. of people who have serious issues around literacy and being able to function on a daily basis in a world which is not so simple to them.

The potential of these products are diverse as it opens up a new gateway in communication and will allow people of all cultures, abilities and age to communicate regardless of their level of understanding abilities and language.

The Products are the Voice Letter and Record and Learn. In my focus to establish the Voice Letter as a mainstream form of communication I have developed this product to work alongside other existing forms of communication, from a different angle and as a result have discovered many other applications of usage. The Voice Letter is quick and easy to use making it convenient to support the lifestyles of people with pre-literacy issues and disabilities.

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